Apartmentsonline is a global travel services business and leisure specialist, dedicated to offer the best service at the best rate.


Our advanced online booking system provides wholesale rates and covers 1.000 cities and more than 350.000 hotels and accommodation worldwide.


We work closely with our property partners and network suppliers for the purpose of delivering the best solutions for both short and long-term stays, and we are connected to over 900 sales partners, 4.500 agents and 150 companies around the world.


Today, the company is situated in 2 different locations around the world: Cyprus and United Kingdom.


Our Mission:
To always provide the best rates, maintaining competitive prices and the highest quality service.


Why Apartmentsonline?

We offer the best rates in the market and continuously maintain accessible prices, negotiating on behalf of our partners. We provide our customers with exceptional customer service, including 24h support.


Our company is standing on the platform of success. In the rapidly changing market, we will adapt at any circumstance and furthermore continue to revolutionise the industry.